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Naturally Right Justified

Try writing to your friends like this and see what reaction you get!

 I have a great idea for something to waste space in
 this newsgroup.  We could try writing some messages
 that are naturally right-justified.  Also, if we do
 something as silly as that, we could also try posts
 that are self-referential like this one.  You might
 think that writing self-referential right-justified
 posts would be difficult, but I am writing this one
 with very little effort.  The trick is to just make
 sure that you keep an eye on how many spaces remain
 at the end of each line as you approach it.  If you
 think your current line of thought will go past the
 end, then try to rephrase the sentence to make sure
 that it ends at the exact point you want it to.  It
 really isn't very difficult.  Soon you will start a
 habit of making all of your documents perfectly fit
 within a given margin.  One problem is that you may
 be unable to rephrase the sentence so that it stays
 within the right margin.  If that happens, you must
 remove the sentence and come up with another one to
 put in its place.  After all, the format is usually
 more important than the content of a message.  This
 is obviously true with this message, because it has
 almost no content, but the style is so amazing that
 it forces you to read through this message ignoring
 the fact that it says next to nothing.  Now, I will
 do something different.  I will start to shrink the
 right margin by one so that it starts to head back
 towards the beginning of the line.  See, there is
 so much that you can do with the style of a post
 without worrying about the content.  I actually
 have no more ideas to put in this stupid post,
 but I must keep typing until I finally get to
 the left side of the screen and end with one
 letter.  I still have a long way to go, but
 I'm starting to get the hang of not paying
 attention to content and concentrating on
 the shape of the text.  My words seem to
 just flow out into this beautiful empty
 article.  I try to make sure that I do
 not make typos or errors with grammar
 because they might make it look like
 I am cheating.  Well, it is getting
 close to the left side.  Less than
 forty more lines to go and I will
 be done with this message.  This
 is starting to get very boring,
 but it is still not very tough
 to do.  I think that it might
 get more difficult once I am
 closer to the end.  Well, I
 guess I will find out in a
 short time, since the end
 is approaching.  It does
 seem to be getting more
 difficult, requiring a
 more complete look at
 the line.  I seem to
 be using words that
 are smaller.  This
 might not be easy
 now.  It is much
 more common for
 me to delete a
 sentence.  It
 is almost at
 the end.  I
 can see it
 is almost
 the end.
 Dumb is
 what I

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Note: This is one of many funny texts and jokes that were emailed to me, and collected over many years. Without exception, they had come through a large chain of people, and were each completely untraceable. Because of this, I have taken them to be public property, and shared them with you on this site.

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