Internet search engines and directories

You can search for either information, people or files.

Information Search:

AltaVista - the biggest and considered by many people to be the best search engine!

Ask Jeeves, allows you to search using questions such as "where are my keys?".

Cool Site Of The Day New site each and every day + a back list!

Dogpile searches the main search engines, usenet, stock quotes, maps and just about everything else.

The comprehensive index of UK Internet sites


United Kingdom Based WWW Servers.

Yahoo, the Largest web site directory!

Yell, the U.K. Yellow web site directory and index.

People Search:

If it is a persons email address that you are trying to find, then try FOUR11 or WHOWHERE.

Search for a file:

Softseek - the latest and the best shareware.

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