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Campus Crusade for Christ International, are "an interdenominational ministry committed to helping take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations." Their "goal for the year 2000 is to help give every man, woman, and child in the entire world an opportunity to find new life in Jesus Christ." This site has a massive amount of content, with something for just about everyone! You can search their site using this form:

My favourite part of the site is the daily promise.

The Celtic Christianity site has several mailing lists and even a webring! If Celtic Christianity interests you, then this is a good staring point.

Focus on the Family is a fairly unique organisation devoted to the preservation of the home. They have a regular broadcast which goes out on radio stations all over the world, by tape and over the internet. This gives help and advice on a wide range of subjects from personal relationships to physical health, but always with an emphasis on what God has in mind. They highlight good ideas and practices, whilst tackling problems and dilemmas that affect us all. The industrial revolution took the man away from the home, and the sexual revolution has done the same with women. The God given bliss of a happy family is melting away as we watch, but who is this on the horizon fighting to save the family, the home and well... the world? It's Dr James Dobson and Mike Trout! Check out their web site for more details.

Gospel Outreach Ministries Online is probably the biggest, and for most people the most useful of the sites on this page. The main content of the site is a huge collection of essays dealing with most aspects of the Christian faith. Variations and cults are discussed and explained in comparison to more standard gospel based faith. Don't be put off because the site title says "an apologetics ministry". Apologetics is simply the defending of beliefs by logical argument. The site is very down to earth, and attempts to answer more of life's questions than most people have ever thought to ask! I recommend that you visit this site, and when you get there you may remember a nagging question, confusion or hole in your knowledge that maybe this site can help to fill.

Love Worth Finding is a radio ministry which God has often used to answers my questions. Adrian Rogers is an entertaining yet "to the point" pastor, who lives his life Gods way, and encourages others to do the same. He has a lot to say about the world today and the trouble that people are getting themselves into. But he doesn't complain, instead he will plead with you to live life by Gods rules, explaining how and why they are superior to the way of the world. His messages are usually backed up with scientific evidence as well as bible verses, and explained using everyday examples. At the web site you can hear recent broadcasts online by downloading the "realplayer". Also browse the program schedule, find a radio station, make prayer requests, use "interactive gospel" and more.

Premier Radio, is a London based Christian radio station that now broadcasts over the internet. Their web site contains more than just information about the station and it's programs.

Some quick reads about Christianity include going against the flow's good news pages, and two ways to live. These sites express concisely the basics of Christianity, which is useful for beginners and the curious. Prepare yourself to be presented with a lot of hard facts squashed into a very short read!

Telling The Truth is another good source of teachings. I have heard many of the tape albums when they have been broadcast on the radio, and have learned a lot from them.

Testimony a Week is one of the best mailing lists I have ever encountered, and I've been on rather a lot of them. This one however has withstood the test of time, and now I am recommending that you try it! Twice a week you will receive a miraculous true story in your email. These are very varied, but are almost always inspirational, and often bring a tear to the eye. It's not worth me telling you in any more detail about the list as it's so easy to subscribe and unsubscribe that you can see for yourself. Just visit Testimony a Week, and put your email address in the box!

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