Misc Sites

Screen Mates. A directory of the best screen mates and deskmates - ammusing animated cartoons that live on your desktop.

Inspirational Poster. A great online poster store.

Elite Affiliates Guide To Affiliate Programs - how to make lots of money on the web!

The Translation Guide is the best place to go for anything translation related. Gadgets, software, and human translators for hire. You can even do free translations online!

Funny Stuff - go on, have a laugh!

Blockbuster Video.

BotSpot, all about robots.

Branigans (KP Crisps!) site has a good pubs guide, and it's free!.

The British Aquatic Resource Center, for those interested in keeping fish!

The Dictionary.com online dictionary.

Free Daily Jokes by Email.

TheFreeSite is an excellent place to find everything free on the net, with up to date reviews and information.

The Friends of the Earth site is the place to find out about all the latest environmental issues. Some of which may even effect you!

Howstuffworks.com , by Marshall Brian. Everything from lasers to light bulbs. Fascinating reading!

The Internet Health Care Directory


Klingon Language Institute

Alchemy Mindworks shareware applications, the creaters of such greats as Graphics work shop and the GIF construction set.

OnHealth, and excellent (American) health site.

The Pacific Coast Feather Company, would you like to sleep better?

Planet Internet Innovations

The Sole Society, a top genealogy site researching the family history of Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names.

The Computer Virus Myths home page.

The Hunger Site will help you end world hunger at the touch of a button!

The TV Licensing mini-FAQ will surprise a few people. Make sure you read this one! Also have a look at Mr Bennets troubles with TV Licinsing and The Advocacy for Licence Fee Abolition if this subject interests you.

Web-Cars will teach you how to make your car nice and shiny, just like the dealers do.

Welcome To Open Text Corporation

Winzip - an excellent archive manager!

York Photo - A large photograph development company.

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