Games Sites

3D Spryjinx is a lot of fun. One or two players bouncing around on blocks that are destined for a pool of lava - what could be better? (Some people say it is a combination of Q-Bert and an atari game called Quick Step.) Free download!

Crystal Stacker, a fun and very addictive version of columns with several different game options and a brilliant two-player mode. Free download!

Dexterity Sortware, the creators of Brainwave Invadors.

Free Lunch Design have a great game called "Operation Spacehog". It's a horizontal shooter with lots of powerups for one or two players. They also made my favourite version of tetris. Again for one or two players, and both are free!

Game Hippo is a huge directory of freeware games. No shareware or demos. 100% free!

The Monkey Island Monkey Center, one of the best fan sites for those fabulous Monkey Island adventure games!

Slicks World is a good place to download Slicks n Slide. A cute little FOUR PLAYER car racing game that you can use for free!

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