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Funny Stuff site will make you roll on the floor with laughter! Jokes, funny stories, newspaper cuttings, new versions of old Christmas songs and even star trek in the style of Dr Seuss!

Free Joke Magazines! Get you daily dose of humour.

Blonde Jokes - funny dumb blonde jokes and free joke of the day by email.

Screen Mates are amusing little cartoon animations that live on your desktop. Some are VERY funny!

Poke the Bunny is an entertaining little shockwave toy. It is incredibly simple, so hop on over there and put your poking finger to work.

Watch Dean and Nigel's wacky attempts to blend in with the locals. Some funny pictures here.

Life Story Writing - a comically written selections of pages on all sorts of strange topics. (It's amazing what you find when you search for jokes about pizza!)

For a complete directory of the funniest sites on the net, please try Funny Stuff Central's Recommended Sites - it's the best!

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