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bullet Some Funny Links:

The Funny Stuff site will make you roll on the floor with laughter! Jokes, funny stories, newspaper cuttings, new versions of old Christmas songs and even star trek in the style of Dr Seuss!

Free Joke Magazines! Get you daily dose of humour.

Watch Dean and Nigel's wacky attempts to blend in with the locals. Some funny pictures here.

Poke the Bunny is an entertaining little shockwave toy. It is incredibly simple, so hop on over there and put your poking finger to work.

Life Story Writing - a comically written selections of pages on all sorts of strange topics. (It's amazing what you find when you search for jokes about pizza!)

For a complete directory of the funniest sites on the net, please try Funny Stuff Central's Recommended Sites - it's the best!

bullet Some Games Links:

3D Spryjinx is a lot of fun. One or two players bouncing around on blocks that are destined for a pool of lava - what could be better? (Some people say it is a combination of Q-Bert and an atari game called Quick Step.) Free download!

Crystal Stacker, a fun and very addictive version of columns with several different game options and a brilliant two-player mode. Free download!

Dexterity Sortware, the creators of Brainwave Invadors.

Free Lunch Design have a great game called "Operation Spacehog". It's a horizontal shooter with lots of powerups for one or two players. They also made my favourite version of tetris. Again for one or two players, and both are free!

Game Hippo is a huge directory of freeware games. No shareware or demos. 100% free!

The Monkey Island Monkey Center, one of the best fan sites for those fabulous Monkey Island adventure games!

Slicks World is a good place to download Slicks n Slide. A cute little FOUR PLAYER car racing game that you can use for free!

bullet Shopping, the worlds largest bookshop.

The iLynk Wholesale Directory.

The Internet Bookshop, UK based.

Movie Posters, old and new movie posters.

Sage Publications - academic & professional books.

I've found Scan International to be a good place for computer hardware.

Tesco, the top UK supermarket.

If you prefer to bid at auctions, then try eBid (UK site), or UTrade auctions and eBay if you live in the USA.

bullet Searching:
You can search for either information, people or files.

Information Search:

AltaVista - the biggest and considered by many people to be the best search engine!

Ask Jeeves, allows you to search using questions such as "where are my keys?".

Cool Site Of The Day New site each and every day + a back list!

Dogpile searches the main search engines, usenet, stock quotes, maps and just about everything else.

The comprehensive index of UK Internet sites


United Kingdom Based WWW Servers.

Yahoo, the Largest web site directory!

Yell, the U.K. Yellow web site directory and index.

People Search:

If it is a persons email address that you are trying to find, then try FOUR11 or WHOWHERE.

Search for a file:

Softseek - the latest and the best shareware.

Go straight to!

bullet Musicmusic

Extreme - A really cool page for a really cool band!

Keith Green, of Last Days Ministries. A singer/song writer, many of whose songs sound similar to those of Elton John.

Midi Karaoke, for those who want to annoy thier neighbours.

The MIDI Maze is an excellent source of the best pop midi files.

MTV on the web.

The ZZ Top Website.

bullet Some Religion sites:

Campus Crusade for Christ International, are "an interdenominational ministry committed to helping take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations." Their "goal for the year 2000 is to help give every man, woman, and child in the entire world an opportunity to find new life in Jesus Christ." This site has a massive amount of content, with something for just about everyone! My favourite part of the site is the daily promise.

The Celtic Christianity site has several mailing lists and even a webring! If Celtic Christianity interests you, then this is a good staring point.

Focus on the Family is a fairly unique organisation devoted to the preservation of the home. They have a regular broadcast which goes out on radio stations all over the world, by tape and over the internet. This gives help and advice on a wide range of subjects from personal relationships to physical health, but always with an emphasis on what God has in mind. They highlight good ideas and practices, whilst tackling problems and dilemmas that affect us all. The industrial revolution took the man away from the home, and the sexual revolution has done the same with women. The God given bliss of a happy family is melting away as we watch, but who is this on the horizon fighting to save the family, the home and well... the world? It's Dr James Dobson and Mike Trout! Check out their web site for more details.

Gospel Outreach Ministries Online is probably the biggest, and for most people the most useful of the sites on this page. The main content of the site is a huge collection of essays dealing with most aspects of the Christian faith. Variations and cults are discussed and explained in comparison to more standard gospel based faith. Don't be put off because the site title says "an apologetics ministry". Apologetics is simply the defending of beliefs by logical argument. The site is very down to earth, and attempts to answer more of life's questions than most people have ever thought to ask! I recommend that you visit this site, and when you get there you may remember a nagging question, confusion or hole in your knowledge that maybe this site can help to fill.

Love Worth Finding is a radio ministry which God has often used to answers my questions. Adrian Rogers is an entertaining yet "to the point" pastor, who lives his life Gods way, and encourages others to do the same. He has a lot to say about the world today and the trouble that people are getting themselves into. But he doesn't complain, instead he will plead with you to live life by Gods rules, explaining how and why they are superior to the way of the world. His messages are usually backed up with scientific evidence as well as bible verses, and explained using everyday examples. At the web site you can hear recent broadcasts online by downloading the "realplayer". Also browse the program schedule, find a radio station, make prayer requests, use "interactive gospel" and more.

Premier Radio, is a London based Christian radio station that now broadcasts over the internet. Their web site contains more than just information about the station and it's programs.

Some quick reads about Christianity include going against the flow's good news pages, and two ways to live. These sites express concisely the basics of Christianity, which is useful for beginners and the curious. Prepare yourself to be presented with a lot of hard facts squashed into a very short read!

Telling The Truth is another good source of teachings. I have heard many of the tape albums when they have been broadcast on the radio, and have learned a lot from them.

Testimony a Week is one of the best mailing lists I have ever encountered, and I've been on rather a lot of them. This one however has withstood the test of time, and now I am recommending that you try it! Twice a week you will receive a miraculous true story in your email. These are very varied, but are almost always inspirational, and often bring a tear to the eye. It's not worth me telling you in any more detail about the list as it's so easy to subscribe and unsubscribe that you can see for yourself. Just visit Testimony a Week, and put your email address in the box!

bullet Travel:

Translation for Travellers - A complete guide. Highly recommended!

The AA site now includes a massive database of places to stay in Britain.

British Adventures - drive through England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland without joining a tour!

DataBrowse - Hotels, Inns and Bed & Breakfast in Britain. This is the place I try first if I am looking for somewhere to stay.

The RAC site has live traffic news for UK roads.

Considering visiting Scotland? Each of these sites provide details of places to visit, things to do and places to stay. Dining guides, maps, suggested walks and some breathtaking photos can also be found. The Internet Guide To Scotland, Discover Scotland, About Scotland and of course The Scottish Tourist Board.

bullet Art:Monalisa

3D Artist, I'd recomend the Santafe Walk.

Art Crimes Graffiti


Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale, Thousands of fine art posters and prints for sale.

Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting.Paint

POVRay - The Persistance of Vision Raytracer, well cool! Check out my raytraced wallpapers for some examples of what can be achieved with this software.

bullet Sport:

ATP Tour Tennis

bullet Finance:

The AAA Investment Guide.


Barclays Bank PLC

FTQuicken, a joint venture between FT, Quicken and excite.


Money World, UK only.

Nationwide building society

Natwest Bank

Student Loans Co Uk.

bullet Other:

Blockbuster Video.

BotSpot, all about robots.

Branigans (KP Crisps!) site has a good pubs guide, and it's free!.

The British Aquatic Resource Center, for those interested in keeping fish!

A Dictionary online.

Free Daily Jokes by Email.

TheFreeSite is an excellent place to find everything free on the net, with up to date reviews and information.

The Friends of the Earth site is the place to find out about all the latest environmental issues. Some of which may even effect you! , by Marshall Brian. Everything from lasers to light bulbs. Fascinating reading!

The Internet Health Care Directory


Klingon Language Institute

Alchemy Mindworks shareware applications, the creaters of such greats as Graphics work shop and the GIF construction set.

OnHealth, and excellent (American) health site.

The Pacific Coast Feather Company, would you like to sleep better?

Planet Internet Innovations

The Sole Society, genealogy. Researching the family history of Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names.

The Hunger Site will help you end world hunger at the touch of a button!

The Computer Virus Myths home page.

The Translation Guide is the ultimate translation resource. Gadgets, software, and human translators for hire. You can even do free translations online!

The TV Licensing mini-FAQ will surprise a few people. Make sure you read this one! Also have a look at Mr Bennets troubles with TV Licinsing and The Advocacy for Licence Fee Abolition if this subject interests you.

Web-Cars will teach you how to make your car nice and shiny, just like the dealers do.

Welcome To Open Text Corporation

Winzip - an excellent archive manager!

York Photo - A large photograph development company.

bullet Windows '95:

PC Windrivers, the best place to find all your windows drivers!

Win95 Annoyances

bullet Magazines:

Computer Shopper Home of internet mag and more!

The FT

Futurenet - The home of PCFormat and PCPlus, to name but a couple!

John Labovitz's E-Zine list

Micro Mart.

bullet Eudora email:

The official Eudora site. Eudora for Windows Utilities, plug-ins and add-ons

bullet Web page authoring:

The Affiliate Program, start your own affiliate program!.

ClickTrade - ClickTrade allows you to easily reward other Web site owners for linking to your site by setting up your own link partner program.

CGI Resources, and excellent place to find CGI scripts for use in your webpages, even for those who don't have access to a CGI bin

Cyber Saver - Banners that Pay - Banners That Pay You! Partnership programs, referral plans, Savings Opportunities, MLM plans, Free Stuff, Free drawings, Web Promotion resources.

The compendium of HTML elements

eDirectory: UK

GIF Animation on the WWW

The internet link exchange

A guide to Making Animated GIFS.

The Multi-Tier Associates Programs Site, is a directory of associates programs with the special feature that you receive part of the commission of anyone you sign up for that program. This is by far the best way of generating some extra income from your web site!

The URL-Minder

The WDVL: The Web Developer's Virtual Library.

Read about speedy web graphics.

More on web graphics.

Xitami, the personal web server that allows you to test your server-side programs without exposing them to the internet community!

bullet Javascript:

HotWired's Webmonkey has some java and javascript tutorials and examples.

Gamelan, a huge source.

JavaScript Made Easy, is my prefered site. Many scripts and downloadable for off line viewing!

The Netscape site has a complete JavaScript library, but make sure your scripts are also ms explorer JScript compatible.

bullet Internet Sites:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Internet Encyclopedia, facts and figures...

Read foreign web pages using free online translations.

SpamCop, for those who are troubled by spammers.

bullet Local to Coventry:

The Coventry and Warwickshire Network.

bullet Economizing:

Economizing for the Beginner, slightly humourous and aimed at students, but a good read for anyone!, my guess would be that it's about saving energy.

bullet Career Related:
UK, US, Graduates, Other

General UK Career Sites

Jobsite, I think this is the largest U.K. based site.

The Appointments section (Taps), U.K. based - one of the top sites.

ReedJobnet, U.K. based employment site.

The Monster Board UK, has many top class positions.

Ivanhoe Career Guides, Uk based.

Recruitnet - The Guardians Recruitment Section.

JobServe, largest source of U.K. IT vacancies.

JobSearch, submit your CV to their database.

PeopleBank, Online CV and Job advert database (free)

StepStone, has a jobs database, jobs by email and free CV distribution service.

Fish4Jobs, enables you to search for adverts in the press.

TopJobs, jobs throughout U.K. and Europe.

Questor IT Recruitment.

Review, computer recruitment.

TotalJobs, a top site with lots of jobs.

JobWorld is another popular site.

CityJobs is for finance, it, media and other city jobs.

General US Career Sites

HeadHunter.NET, U.S. based with a regularly cleaned database.

The Monster Board, has many top class positions.

CareerMosaic, massive U.S. based site.

CareerWeb, U.S. based.

Graduate Career Sites (UK)

Prospects, UK based for recent/future graduates.

GTI is a massive careers site for graduates. Highlights include job descriptions and an employers index.

Ivanhoe Career Guides, Uk based.

ReedJobnet, has a graduate section.

The Graduate Recruitment Bureau, vacancys online.

GRC, UK sales and IT graduate recruitment specialists.

Gradunet, the usual graduate recruiters.

Questor's graduate IT positions.

Huntahead, UK Professional and Graduate recruitment service., a graduate information website providing help with employment, housing, finance, CVs etc (You have to register in order to use the service)


Overseas Jobs Web (U.S.), 40 countries!

bullet Buying/Selling/Renting a home:

Home Hunter.

Homes On-Line.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling your Home.

bullet Borland C++ Builder:

The official Borland site.

The Unofficial Borland C++ Homepage, if run by a die-hard fan of Borland who lover RAD (Rapid Application Development.)

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