Economizing for the Beginner

These humourous pages, although written with students in mind, can benefit people from all walks of life! If everyone was to follow the advice on this page, then millions of pounds and many hours could be saved each and every day!

FIVE in one shampoo:
Most people can manage to do two things at once, but why stop there? This is a cutting edge development! You've seen the ads for 2in1, soon will come 3, then 4, but you have the privilage of jumping the gun and going straight for the big 5.
With this amazing discovery you will be able to:

1 Wash your hair
2 Condition your hair
3 Control dandruff
4 Do your laundry
5 Cleanse your body

All in one short session!

Let me explain; You can already buy 3in1, even though it isn't yet advertised on TV. That covers numbers 1 to 3. Now comes exciting number 4! All you need to do is throw your dirty washing in the shower, and proceed as usual. Just be careful to rinse! Last, but not least, something that is very nearly obvious. When you wash your hair & do your laundry, just jump right in and give yourself a free rinse! Simple, effective, and hygenic. Your friends may even thank you!

While we're on laundry....
Just a quick tip really. Only wear clothes of one colour! This will save you much valuable time, and you won't have to wait as long before you have a full wash load!
Some members of my household treasure this principle!
If you have a friend in halls
In many halls, you pay a fee that includes the bills. If you live off campus, and have a friend with free electricity, then passing your rechargeable batteries onto them to charge would save you some cash. Of course this one may not go down too well with the University staff, so don't tell them I told you!
Lectures pen & paper
We would all like to economize on lectures, but unfortunately this tip is economising on note taking. Just remember, you are not in school any more! Nobody cares what you make notes on! Toilet paper is an option - but make sure you don't use a fountain pen!
Leave your computer on a computer
No, that's not a typo - leaving your computer on may save small amounts of cash (in winter). The only way that this can work is if by switching it on and off repeatedly, something wears out. The useful part is that you don't have to turn it off over lunch. (Although we're not suggesting you should leave it on all day and all of the night!) Here's the theory: If the monitor's off, and no sound is playing then the only energy being used is what is lost due to electrical resistance. This is converted into heat, which you'll be wanting anyway. This does not apply in summer.
(Just ask your local physics nerd!)
Save on razors! Grow a beard! This will not only save you time in the morning, but will also keep your chin warm in winter, thus saving on those all-important balaclava bills. Along with this of course goes that old student favourite - long hair. This one really does save a lot of cash, hairdressing is so expensive these days. Alternatively, if you prefer short hair - do it yourself! Twenty quid for a trimmer, complete with widgets, can mean no more trips to the barber ever!
All about hot water in winter
If when you get out of the bath, the water could still get colder, DON'T PULL OUT THE PLUG! When the water gets colder, it is because the heat has left the water and gone elsewere. Obviously from this, you can save on your heating bill if you allow the water to fully cool before letting it run away. Otherwise you are heating the sewer, which probably isn't the best use of your hard earned cash!
This can be taken further, the kitchen is a good place to start. How often have you tipped a pan of boiling water down the sink? Need you have heated that much water at all? What about the kettle? You can of course save on electricity by not heating the kettle at all! If you only want to make a quick cup of coffee or chocolate, then the microwave is just as effective, and a lot more efficient. Just try it and see!
Cheap food
We're not yet sure if this is feasible, but you could probably save a lot of money by surviving on Tesco Value chocolate swiss rolls and baked beans. Volunteers for a long- term trial of this idea are still needed, but we don't recommend that you try it unsupervised by qualified personnel.
We disclaim responsibilty for everything, especially events resulting from following the suggestions on this page. All information is to our knowledge correct at the time of publication - though we may be wrong!

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