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"I don't read many books, so when I find a good one I tend to get rather excited about it"

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Holy Spirit

Nine O'Clock in the Morning
by Dennis Bennett

An extremely well written book that's completely gripping from start to finish. I actually sat down and read it cover to cover, which took me almost a whole day! It's the inspirational real life story of church leader Dennis Bennett. His life was radically transformed by the holy spirit and that's where the excitement begins.

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The Holy Spirit and You: A Study Guide to the Spirit-Filled Life
by Dennis J. Bennett

Written by the same person as Nine O'Clock in the Morning, this is an excellent book for anyone interested in the Holy Spirit.

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When the Spirit comes
by Colin Urquhart

Story of revival in a small anglican church in Luton during the 70s. Similar to Nine O'Clock in the Morning (above).

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The Vision - The Final Quest and The Call, two bestsellers in one volume.
by Rick Joyner

Prophetic visions are described throughout the bible from old testament times right up to the book of revelation. For generations they have been one of the most exciting ways God has spoken to His people, often making a big impression or even transforming lives. This book is not scripture, but as I read it many parts of the scriptures came to life in a new way. I don't have the words to describe the content of this book so you'll have to read it yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

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The Torch and the Sword
by Rick Joyner

The sequel to The Final Quest and The Call (see above). This book is just as good, and even more exciting!

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Doughnuts and Temples
by Erica White

Most people know that the food they eat has an effect on their health, but few appreciate the true extent of that effect. Most people of this modern world are regularly ill and fully expect to suffer from a range of nasty diseases in old age. This should not be! Read this book and make some changes!

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Walking in Divine Health
by Don Colbert

Further reading after Doughnuts and Temples (above). Lots more useful nutricianal advice to keep you healthy and happy.

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God's Plan for Your Healing
by Colin Urquhart

Fantastic book. Recommended for anyone interested in the healing power and healing nature of God.

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The Bible

Undoubtedly the greatest book ever written, and one which comes in several flavours.

The original language of the bible is not English, and there are many ways to translate a book! You could aim to translate it word for word, which would be accurate, but very difficult to read because sentence structure would be unfamiliar. At the other extreme, you could make it as easy to read as possible, only aiming to convey the general message of the text. A couple of translations that I am familiar with are detailed below, but there are a lot of others...

The Good News Bible

Easy Reading.

One of the youngest reading ages available that is not actually a children's bible. Designed to be easy to read and easy to understand, it is not perfectly accurate in translation, but is a good choice for those with a less developed grasp of language and literary style.

I used this version for many years, and still refer to it occasionally when I am finding a passage difficult to understand.

Good News Bible UK Version or US Version

The New International Version

More accurate but harder to read.

My current favorite! This one holds quite firmly to the original text. It is not a word-for-word translation, but it is noticeably closer than the good news version.

The copy I have is actually an NIV study bible. The main difference is that it has little notes at regular intervals commenting on the text. Sometimes they are useful notes, at other times they are complete rubbish. I have got used to them being there, and appreciate them a lot. Even when the comments are not very good, they are still helpful because they make you think about what you are reading.

NIV Study Bible UK Version or US Version.


Books About Marriage

Loving Against The Odds
by Rob Parsons

An extremely well written book!

Suitable for people of any faith, at any stage in a relationship. Useful, informative and entertaining. Extremely well written and very easy to read. The best book on marriage I have found!

Loving Against the Odds (UK Version Only).


Marriage as God Intended
by Selwyn Hughes

Tried and tested advice that will help keep your marriage together for as long as you both shall live.

Selwyn Hughes manages to clearly express a lot of useful advice in a relatively small number of pages - perfect for slower readers like myself! Based on biblical wisdom, modern psychology and research data, this book is not short of tried and tested hard facts. These are accompanied by many real life stories taken from the author's time as a marriage councilor, and are written so that they can immediately be absorbed and applied.

The book is by no means perfect. It is ambiguous in places, but still worth reading. I'm fairly new at marriage myself, but expect even those who have been married for years could benefit from reading this book.

Marriage as God Intended (UK Version Only)



Prayer and the art of Volkswagen maintenance
by Donald Miller

A modern classic about a couple of men who travel through America searching for God.

UK Version or US Version

Harry Potter
by J.K. Rowling

No comment needed!

UK Version or US Version

The Hobbit
by Tolkein

My favorite fantasy adventure.

A hobbit is a small furry creature that likes a quiet life. The hobbit in this story however gets nothing of the sort! Exciting adventures all the way with wizards, elves, dwarfs and even dragons.

If you like fantasy adventure, you have probably read this book already. For those of you who missed it, prepare yourselves for a treat...

The Hobbit UK Version or US Version.

The Lord of the Rings
by Tolkein

The sequel to The Hobbit.

Based in the same land as the hobbit, this book takes the fantasy world into another dimension. For a start - it's huge! It took me several years to read (although I've known others read it in a few months).

Even though some of the characters are very strange (walking trees!), it is written in such a way that it feels completely believable. No wonder it is considered one of the greatest fictional works ever written.

J.R.R. Tolkien "The Lord of the Rings" - UK Version or US Verion.

by Dorothy Oxley

Just a children's book.

A children's book for ages 10 upward that I read recently and liked, so here is a short review: It's another fantasy adventure. Contrasting well with The Lord Of The Rings, this is a light weight paperback and can be read in a few days.

There is a lot less plot, but the characters and situations come alive well and I like that in a book. Slightly too predictable - I expect you could guess the end from near the beginning. It wouldn't win many awards, but if you just want to curl up with some harmless fun, this may be one for you.

Quest (US Version Only).

Future Reading

These classic books are on my list to read some time soon:

  • A Real Christian - The Life of John Wesley, by Kenneth Collins. Just started this one. It's very interesting so far...
  • Journal of the Unknown Prophet, by Wendy Alec
  • Every book by Rick Joyner
  • Every book by Colin Urquhart
  • The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel - A Journalist's personal investigation of the evidence for Jesus. UK Version or US Version.
  • Revival, by Mark Stibbe - A survey of the mystery and power of revivals
  • Other Noteworthy Reads

    The Jesus Walk : The Road to Healing Body and Soul
    by Patricia A. McLaughlin.

    I read this one quite a long time ago, but remember it as being a good book.

    UK Version or US Version.

    The Cross of Christ
    by John Stott

    This one has been next to my bed with the bookmark gradually edging through the pages for about a year. To call it thorough would be a massive understatement! In an attempt to explains the relevance and impact of the Cross of Christ, John refuses to leave any stone un-turned. There must be a book on this subject that is easier to read!

    UK Version or US Version.

    In Christ Jesus
    by Colin Urquhart

    What being "in Christ" implies.

    Surprised by Joy
    by by C.S. Lewis - An autobiography

    I don't think my reading age is high enough to fully appreciate this book. I was left with the feeling that Lewis had used a lot of words to say very little. This book is an interesting read, but the "being surprised by joy" aspect was much thinner than I had hoped - it is more an autobiography of the first half of Lewis's life.

    UK Version or US Version.

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