Sick Joke

This is a sick joke, but funny as well!

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A couple of strangers were drinking at a cliffside bar overlooking
    the ocean.  Both of them look a little drunk, when one says to
    the other: "Hey, look at the wind whipping up the side of that
    cliff.  It moves pretty fast.  I'll bet I could jump off of the
    ledge, catch the wind in my coat, and get lifted right back up to
    the bar!"

    "No way", says the other guy, "you'd fall to your death."

    "Well, I'm going to try it!", says the first, and at that he walks
    over, stands on the ledge, and leaps off in a swan dive.  Sure
    enough, he comes sailing back up in no time, and lands on his feet
    right in front of the bar.

    "I can't believe it!" says the second guy, "that's impossible" . 
    So the first drunk does it again: he jumps off the cliff, catches
    the wind in his coat, and comes sailing back to the bar.

    "Go ahead", he says, "try it, it's great!"

    "Well, OK, I'm just drunk enough to give it a go", says the second
    fellow.  So he climbs the ledge and leaps off the cliff, only to
    fall screaming to his death on the rocks below.

    The first guy walks back to the bar and sits down to his drink. 
    The bartender steps over, looks him in the eye, and says to him: 
    "You know, you can be a real jerk sometimes when you've been
    drinking, Superman".

This is one of many funny texts and jokes were emailed to me, and collected over many years. Without exception, they had come through a large chain of people, and were each completely untracable. Because of this, I have taken them to be public property, and shared them with you on this site.

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I hope you liked the sick joke!