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Were Hotdogs Ever Made Of Dog?


How Do Astronauts Go To The Bathroom In Space?

Curiosity is a powerful force. Especially with questions like these that tickle the imagination with highly amusing answers. There must be a sensible reason why hotdogs are called hotdogs, but what if...

Before I reveal the surprising truths, let's be serious for a moment.

There HAS to be a reason why hotdogs are called hotdogs. Right? They were not invented in China, so they can not possibly have ever contained dog. If the name has anything to do with dogs, it must be that they were originally fed to dogs, not made of them. That has to be the answer. (It's not!)

How about the astronauts? We have all seen pictures on television of what happens when an astronaut lets go of something - it floats away. Perhaps I do not want to think about what goes on in space. It could be really messy. My imagination can be silly at times so the truth often offers great relief. Let's hope it does this time! How do they manage?

Before I tell you the real answers, let's get these things into perspective.

It would be silly to spend a lot of effort on questions like these and ignore the bigger questions like "is there a God?", and if so "who created Him?". "Why do innocent people suffer?", and the question on everybody's lips "What's in it for me?".

If thinking about the trivial questions on this site has been enough to warm you up for the important ones: Hop over to Grantley Morris's site. It tackles questions that actually make a difference, and provides some real food for thought!

Back to hotdogs and astronauts.

You can get the answers at a site I found recently.

The truth is out there! You can find it at the Secret Truths site.

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