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One blond can make a difference! At least that is what the blond in this joke thought. She was tired of everyone thinking that blonds were stupid, and she didn't like all these jokes. She decided to prove to the world that she was not stupid, and this mean the end to all the silly blond jokes.
In order to prove herself, she decided to memorize the capital of every American state. It wasn't an easy task, but she was determined and eventually managed to do just that.
A few days later she was in a bar, and she heard a couple of men laughing at a blond joke. So she decided to start righting all the wrongs that have been done to blondes in the past, by setting these men right.
She went over and said, "It isn't true that all blonds are stupid, and I will prove it to you. Just ask me the capital of any American state, and I will tell you."
The men laughed but said, "Ok, how about Arizona?"
The Blonde paused, but soon said proudly,

This is one of many funny texts and jokes were emailed to me, and collected over many years. Without exception, they had come through a large chain of people, and were each completely untracable. Because of this, I have taken them to be public property, and shared them with you on this site.

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